Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sleeping with the Light On Dangers

After the previous discussion to discuss the various benefits of swimming, on this occasion will discuss about some of the dangers of sleep using lights on. Sleep is one of the properties owned by all living creatures. With sleep certainly will make the body feel more refreshed when the next day in carrying out activities. In general, quality sleep takes at least 8 hours in a day.
Hours of sleep each person must differ from one another, depending on the lifestyle of each person. Some people have the habit of sleeping diverse as sleep by using the light is bright or too sleep without lights. However, with a variety of existing research suggests that sleep with the lights turned on is not good for health.
Here Sleeping with the Light On Dangers
Can Inhibit Production of Melatonin
Danger sleep with the lights on the first one is able to inhibit the production of melatonin. With it certainly will make the production of melatonin becomes less than the maximum. So what is meant by melatonin? Melatonin itself is one of the types of enzymes that can help in keeping the body of the growth of cancer cells as well as tumor cells. Or can be referred to the functions of melatonin is to assist in avoiding the body from cancer cells or tumor cells as well.
Melatonin can grow well when sleep using lights do not light up, but when sleeping with the lights blazing can lead to the production of melatonin become obstructed. Even so it is better to sleep with the lights turn off. In addition to helping prevent cancer, can be done with menjag healthy lifestyle such as avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and also reduces eat fast-food.
Disorders of Sleep can cause
Danger sleep with the lights next is that it can cause disturbances in sleep. Disturbances in sleep problems such as insomnia or difficulty tdiur makes someone kept awake until late at night. One of the causes of insomnia itself is sleeping with the lights on bright. Lights blazing also can wake you up when the middle of the night.
Lose Sleep Quality
Danger sleep with the lights next is lowering the quality of sleep on a person. As described above with lights that light can cause a person insomnia or sleep deprivation problems. With insomnia will certainly make a person to have decreased sleep quality. Decreased quality of sleep can cause a variety of problems in everyday activities the next day. The problems such as difficult to concentrate, your body will feel weak, drowsy, nd more.
Can Improve Depression
The next danger is that it can improve depression in a person. Various studies suggest that with the lights on during sleep, can also increase the feeling of depression in a person. Poor-quality sleep, plus the load of your mind the increased risk of depression would be a clear threat. To avoid this it is better to turn off the lights at bedtime.
Disturbances in System Metabolism
Dangers of the last in this discussion is a disruption in the body's metabolic system. Metabolism system becomes important for the body. With smooth metabolism system that both the needs of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can run smoothly and well. But when the body's metabolism is not good can lower the concentration, the body feels tired, and decreased immune system.


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