Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Military Tank Best in the World

Every state must have military forces to assist in maintaining the sovereignty of the territory. To strengthen its military power, every country willing to spend a fairly large .. As support military fleets such as tanks, combat aircraft, warships, and even submarines need to be owned by each country. Moreover, this increasingly modern era many developed and developing countries to develop a wide range alusista.

On this occasion will discuss some of the best military tanks in the world to be the backbone of every country in defending the sovereignty of the country. Military tank itself is an armored vehicle that has a full arsenal of such great caliber is the main weapon of the tank. No wonder if the tanks into armored vehicles were often used on the front lines during the conflict.

Besides being used as conventional weapons, tanks also will be a defense for the state level on the ground. Well just to find out what are the best military tank in the world, go see the discussion below!

Here in the World Military Tank

K2 Black Panther (South Korea)

K2 Black Panther (South Korea) is one of the best in the world a military tank which has a wide range of advanced technologies in it. Tank is a footstool for the South Korean Army. K2 Black Panther (South Korea) made by the manufacturing company Hyundai Rote became one of the world's most expensive tanks. Tank K2 Black Panther has a protective layer reactive armor that will help mitigate the effects of damage from enemy attacks. In addition to good protection, K2 Black Panther is also equipped with weapons like cannons 120 mm of Leopard tanks and the use of diesel engines made in Germany, in addition to the cannon, tank is also equipped with ammunition that can penetrate armored vehicles enemy.

M1A2 SEP (United States)

Tank M1A2 SEP is the next advanced (United States), which became the successor of the M1A2 tank. Tank is a mainstay United States with a variety of advanced technologies in it. Tank is equipped with armor able to withstand the attacks of the enemy. In addition M1A2 SEP also use armor layer is mixed with uranium into the material of manufacture. While for the weapons, the M1A2 SEP has advanced persenjatan like a cannon, machine gun, and also uses a gas turbine engine. Until now, the M1A2 SEP is still a mainstay of the US Army and has not exported to other countries.

Leopard 2A7 (Germany)

Next is the Leopard 2A7 tank (Germany), which is also sophisticated with two tanks on top. For the Leopard 2A7 tank also has a wide range of protection that is good with good range shooting accuracy anyway. Leopard 2A7 has a protective armor that can help in protecting the operator inside. Although the Leopard 2A7 has a heavy weight, but still have good mobility. Because renowned for its quality Leopard 2A7 booked by other countries among them are like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Tank Armata (Russia)

Advanced tanks in the world last on this occasion is the Armata tank is a mainstay of Russia. This tank has a wide range of features such as defense and offense. For specifications of Armata tank is still kept secret. Red Bear State will tetapu himself claimed that Armata tank has a protection called the safest in the world complete with sophisticated weaponry such as cannons 125 mm antitank missile that could catapult that can pursue the enemy.


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